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Below are the recent news releases from our customers.

Science fiction film on saving an Apocalyptic Earth 'The MYSTIC' set to be shot in New Zealand and Africa
"An Apocalyptic Earth is a death knell to mankind and many other species who co-habit this beautiful planet along with us. Nature has been a true friend to our species for a very long time. Taking
Hollywood Action Drama on Russian Mafia 'Mobster- A Call for the New order' Set for the World Premiere in Los Angeles
Backed by some real life stories and nerve wrecking action drama, Mobster which was written and directed by Nagendra Karri took three years to move from scripting to Production.  Produced
Databox Unveils Its Mobile-First Business Analytics Platform
Databox is announcing the release of its mobile-first Business Analytics platform as self-serve, and updates to their existing suite of enterprise offerings. After a year of piloting enterprise offering
The Good Feet Store Honors T.A.P.S and Flag Day at the Richmond Squirrels Game
The Good Feet Store in Richmond salutes our military service members. To express our appreciation we are partnering with the Richmond Flying Squirrels to make a donation to T.A.P.S every time a Flying
Joint Venture Launches Next Generation Shipping Platform
Long Island based Trinity Group, headed by 40-year logistics veteran Francis Vena, joined forces with software disruptors FP Group (CEO Jose Lerebours) and Onnik (CEO Nick Mouradian) to launch a new Less-Than-Truck-Load
South Florida Homeless Charity in National Spotlight
A unique grassroots charity benefiting homeless shelters and food pantries will be the featured on Lifetime Network’s national television show The Balancing Act on Friday, June 24, 2016 at 7:30 a.m.  
PDR Americas Appoints New National Sales Manager
PDR Americas (, a White Industrial Corporation business, announced today that Dan Kelsey has joined the company as the National Sales Manager over the Infrared Rework,
E-Therapy Cafe's Dynamic Counseling Duo, Dr. Jude Black & Amanda Rausch, Create a Convenient, Affordable, and Professional Resource to Deal with the Stress of Today's Busy World.
Basic Black Inc, and E-Therapy Cafe's Board of Directors announced the appointment of Amanda Rausch to COO of E-Therapy Cafe. Amanda serves as the first COO to the bootstrapped start up that is already
William J. Birnes and Richard A. Lertzman (The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney from Gallery/Simon & Schuster and “Dr. Feelgood (Skyhorse) are proud to announce the publication of their newest
Novotech Announces New IoT eBusiness Portal & Expanded Reseller Program
Novotech Technologies, a distributor of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IoT) products, services and solutions, today announced the launch of its new eBusiness Portal along with an expanded