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Below are the recent news releases from our customers.

New Study Reveals Challenges, Solutions for B2B Growth
Behalf, an NYC-based FinTech, has released a new B2B study with revealing results. According to decision makers across Behalf's partner network, nearly 70% of B2B players have prioritized growing online
VOLOOM introduces Rootie The Rootlifter for everyday volume!
VOLOOMTM, the heated iron company that revolutionized the hair industry with its patented Hair Volumizing Iron, has returned with its latest innovation, Rootie The Rootlifter, the smallest volumizing iron
RunningBeltMax Announces New Product Colors
RunningBeltMax, a wholly owned subsidiary of Coal Hill Capital Inc., announces new color variations for its popular line of running belts. In addition to the traditional black with blue trim, customers
JR Watkins 150 Year Old Company Since 1868 With Integrity Home Business Opportunity Work At Home
Our Consultants from the beginning 1868, JR Watkins has brought it's natural. environmentally, friendly products, right to it's customers doors via it's trusted team of Watkins Consultants.
Teach Your Child to Readâ„¢: Virginia Author releases online, phonics reading program for children ages 3-6
Author Mary Follin releases an easy-to-use, online phonics reading program for parents to use at home. A straight-forward, six-step approach, Teach Your Child to Read™ takes only 5 minutes a day
Achieve, A Place to Grow is hosting the 24th Annual Dash for Dignity at its Presenting Sponsor’s location: Dallas Medical Center, 7 Medical Parkway, Farmers Branch, Texas. This year’s event
Kickstarter Campaign for CERES Hybrid Tube Amp is Now Live!
Ceres is designed around a Classic Sound, Single Tube Architecture. The Dual-Triode tube amplifies the incoming signal which is then routed to the Class-A Solid State buffer to provide the proper power
15 year old JP Vance calls for the end of the field protests with his song "This is America"
Last spring 15 year old JP Vance recorded the song "This is America" to celebrate the 4th of July. The song is patriotic as it recognizes that 1) America is the greatest country in the world
The NFL players and Colin Kaepernick need to stop the field protests and listen to a song of unity "This is America" by 15 year old JP Vance
According to this 15 year old singer JP Vance the NFL should stop the field protests because "This is America" Last spring 15 year old JP Vance recorded the song "This is America"
STAAH & IDeaS Revenue Solutions Integration Set to Enhance Revenue Strategy for Hotels of All Sizes
The certified integration between IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) and the STAAH Instant Channel Manager is now complete. In addition to exposure to a multitude of online booking sites, this partnership