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Trillion Dollar Market Reimagined by Non-Traditional Team.
Emerging Rule, a Public Benefit Corporation headquartered in 1776 Crystal City, has managed to group a team of experts of diverse backgrounds to address the education market (estimated to be about $1.3
Lou Gordon: The Quiet Lion
Everyone knows or has met a hero.  That person who has done something extraordinary things to change the lives of many or just one.  They are selfless, caring people with huge hearts and generally
This year’s Earth Day, a day for demonstrating support for environmental protection will be the forty-seventh anniversary since 1970.  Over these 47 years there have been many achievements and
Sumner College Students Get Jobs
Associate Degree in Nursing ­– 95% Job Placement Practical Nursing – 93% Job Placement (Job Placement data includes all graduated of the program 7/01/2015 – 6/30/2016) The
Securus Reaffirms Its Integrity Pledge to the Corrections Industry
Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, announced a reaffirmation of its Integrity Pledge
eMenuTouch is affordable to all hospitality venues from a juice bar to a five star restaurant and provides a complete set of services meeting their guest requirements
Queensway Group AB In-house Native hospitality guest services on multi-platform and languages development for solving problems of human civilization is one of the primary aims of the venture. Pre-ordering,
Senator John Heinz: He Fought for the Nation's "Shadow" Caregivers
John Heinz: He Fought for the Nation’s “Shadow” Caregivers By Jeffrey Lewis   Twenty-Six years ago, today, United States Senator John Heinz was tragically killed –
John Heinz: He Fought for the Nation's "Shadow" Caregivers
Twenty-Six years ago, today, United States Senator John Heinz was tragically killed – a grievous loss not only for his family but also for our country.  While his family suffered immeasurably,
VSKULL launches the first complete head protection system for the safe and sanitary use of all virtual and augmented reality headgear on April 14th, 2017
The VSKULL'S (Patent Pending) design solves increasing consumer concerns regarding the transmission of sweat, bacteria, disease, head lice and pinkeye.  Our adjustable one-size-fits-all system
New Hope For Fishermen Tired of Paddling the Distance!
The Solo Skiff, the kayak/SUP with an outboard motor mount, is turning a lot of heads lately. The company released a short video on its Facebook page last week that already has almost six million views
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