Al Muhaymin Media Fund plans to rope in Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead actor for the Hollywood Sci-fi feature 'The Mystic'

Primed to be shot in the beautiful locales of New Zealand, India and Africa, the producers of 'The Mystic' are going all out in roping a very talented mix of A-listers along with launching some serious new talent.

NEW YORK CITY, NY - 06/28/2016 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — The Mystic will be the first Sci-fi feature dealing with the concepts of Multiverse, String theory and what it means to life on earth. Set in a future timeline where earth is on it's last legs of existence, the story revolves around a retired boxing champion who ventures out to explore the dying earth to find the true purpose of life. Location scouting is on full swing in both India and New Zealand for this transcending tribute to our mother planet Earth.

'Yes, we are planning to get Jake Gyllenhaal involved in The Mystic. He is our first choice and we really hope to work out the dates with him.' says Chetna Jhamb, the executive producer of The Mystic and co-chair of Al Muhaymin Media fund.

'This is a great story that would be remembered for ages to come. This Planet has given so much to us. She is our mother who has been used and abused for many millenia. Maybe it's time we give back something to actually value our existence on this dimension. I'm glad we are involved in this project. Karri's clarity and vision for this film made us all remember why we should respect our planet Earth and learn from it.' says Adil Mohammed, the co-producer of The Mystic and also the board member of Al Muhaymin Media fund.

Eternalmind Entertainment is currently casting for The Mystic, getting some very good talent from Africa, India and Newzealand. 

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