Australian Guitarist/Producer Ben Watts On Life Abroad In Music

Ben Watts is an Australian record producer, audio engineer and musician who has been has been blessed to with many great artists such as Kelby Costner, Lee Brice, Paul Gilbert, Luke Combs, Terra Bella, Rudy Parris, Bobby Barth, Mark Pinske, Darin Warner, Dustin Huff, Morgan Lynsey more.

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA - 11/20/2017 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — Born and raised in the small town of Loxton, South Australia a life in music seemed like a pipe dream. Watts developed a passion for music at a young age although his younger years mainly involved sport, trips to the river and whatever fun he and his brother made on his parent’s farm. Watts’ late teens were filled with late nights rediscovering his passion for the guitar and learning the art of recording where his interest in sound and the intricacies of music production began to blossom.

To satisfy his curiosity and to continue to develop his passion, Watts started to write instrumental pieces drawing from his roots in classic rock and blues. It was these pieces that Watts used to audition for the famed music school ‘Musicians Institute’ in Los Angeles California, with which he was accepted. After arriving in LA, he completed a degree music performance, production and audio engineering for which he received the award for the 'most outstanding student' in the program.

After stints working at renowned LA recording studios such as ‘Henson Studios’ Watts on a whim filled in as the lead guitarist for California Country band ‘Chaparral now known as Terra Bella. What was meant to be a short-term gig turned into a long-standing partnership, Watts produced two albums for Chaparral and the self-titled EP ‘Terra Bella’ whilst touring extensively up and down the west coast and across the USA playing legendary stages such as Selland Arena, Billy Bob’s Texas and Pozo Saloon in Paso Robles, California.

After landing in Nashville in 2013 Watts has kept himself busy in multiple aspects of the business including touring with Terra Bella, briefly as a guitarist for Sony Records Luke Combs, and a live recording specialist for multi ACM winner Lee Brice while producing a variety of acts.

Recent projects that have featured Watts as head producer include the single ‘Hold On’ with Kelby Costner, ‘Gypsy Hearts’ by Morgan Lynsey, ‘Rebels Like Me’ EP with Dustin Huff and the album ‘Californeck’ with California country artist Michael Walker.

The ‘Fuggly Muglets’ a personal, alternative rock project of Watts’ in collaboration with California songwriter ‘Jacob Barber is due to be released in February 2018.  

The self-titled EP promises a dramatic turn from the world of country music. A mix of rock, rap and pounding industrial beats. The EP is a change from the formulaic music delivered by the mainstream, a source of great pride for Watts and Barber and was guided by legendary Grammy winning engineer ‘Mark Pinske’ who collaborated with Watts for the final mix’s.

When not immersed in the world of music Watts like to get out in nature and exploring new cities.

He is currently working on a new instrumental album.

Watts can be contacted through his website

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