Magnentum Founders Speak on Professional Submission Writing and Technology Integration in Clinical Research at PA Biotech

Pennsylvania, May 12th 2016 – At the Pennsylvania Biotech event held on the morning of 12th May, the founders of Magnentum, a service provider of all types of regulatory submission needs in drug development, spoke about the importance of hiring an experienced partner for clinical research and medical writing services.

PA - 05/12/2016 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — Ken Robinson and Maneet Singh, the founders of Magnentum highlighted other important topics making rounds in the industry too. One of which was the need to integrate technology in different phases of drug development, especially for data collection, data management, protocol design, training, recruiting and the other steps that follow.

Ken, who has over 35 years of experience in Medical writing and regulatory expertise for clinical trials enunciated on the subject of quality submission writing and how do they make a difference. He spoke about how the quality of medical writing has declined in the past few years and its impact. It was quite an interactive session with questions pouring in from the audience, mainly representatives of different companies. While Maneet elaborated on the rising need of harmonizing tech with the clinical research services. He also introduced ADI Group of companies, a firm founded by him, working in syncing technology with the different sectors of drug development. He spoke about the current five areas services his company caters to which actually form a combination of more than 75 services.

An interesting point made by Maneet Singh was how e-learning through animation could help revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry, particularly the clinical research and trial sectors. “Clinical trial services are facing a massive crisis in recruitment of patients as well as research associates. This is mainly because both the parties have not been properly educated and informed about what clinical trials are. E-learning through animation is a self-explanatory medium and it can be shared easily, thus solving the problem in lesser time.”

Also, speaking on the much discussed topics of Big Data integration and the rising need of useful healthcare apps, Mr. Singh was able to grasp the attention of the audience; by displaying how a customizable SaaS solution can benefit in the functioning of a clinical research organization.

Company Bio: Magnentum Inc. is a service provider in regulatory writings for clinical research and drug development. Based in Doylestown, PA, the company has been co-founded by Ken Robinson, a veteran of the world of pharmaceutical/medical documentation, with nearly 35 years of experience and Maneet Singh who has 20 years’ experience in all matters of pharmaceutical, healthcare, IT, and medical animation.

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