Mystery Traveler's Bizarre Adventure Accounts Mysteriously Left for Blogger, Published

A widely-read travel blogger has received two mysterious manuscripts (no return address) from an unknown, nomadic traveler, that were bizarrely left at her personal residence. The first provides an account of his dangerous journey (based on a contract hire) to retrieve a strange, valuable box in a series of risky encounters and illicit transactions. This anonymous traveler’s manuscripts with rich, verified descriptions of place, were accompanied only by brief side notes with a peculiar request.

CHICAGO, IL - 09/07/2017 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — About a month and a half ago, the widely-read travel blog,, received the first of two mysterious manuscripts from an unknown, nomadic traveler which provides an account of his danger-fraught journey (based on a contract hire) through a remote mountain region of China to retrieve a strange, valuable box in a series of risky encounters and illicit transactions.  This completely anonymous traveler’s manuscript with rich, verified descriptions of place, was accompanied only by a brief set of side notes (including one conditioning exclusive publication upon destruction of the manuscript) and arrived without a return address.

Not sure what to make of this “Mystery Traveler”, as he has since been dubbed, or why was chosen, TravelFave ultimately decided to go with it.  It has recently published the first manuscript of the two on its site at

TravelFave’s Michele W., initially perplexed and understandably disturbed by the strange manuscripts which were addressed to TravelFave and delivered by hand to her home address (unlisted on TravelFave), has come to embrace the Mystery Traveler and his unusual accounts:

"We didn’t know why these were being sent or whether the accounts are true,” she says, “but the place details checked out and the descriptions were extremely compelling… These articles are basically the most interesting travel adventure accounts that I have read, so we decided to publish them and let our readers decide for themselves.  Either this is a hoax or this is really someone living on the fringe- however you look at it, these amazing accounts are worth reading."

The second manuscript received roughly two weeks ago, in the same manner as the first manuscript, deals with a bizarre bequest and involves an account of the Mystery Traveler’s illegal journey through the Parisian catacombs (based on another contract hire).  The second manuscript had similar instructions to the first and TravelFave has begun a dossier on the Mystery Traveler at Mystery Traveler Dossier.   It hopes to gather enough information to identify him. intends to publish the second manuscript of the Mystery Traveler in the coming months.

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