New Arizona-4 Speech Assessment Tool Offers Three Tests in One

All the strengths of the Arizona-3 plus two new tests, free online scoring, and more

TORRANCE, CA - 09/12/2017 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — WPS announced today the publication of the Arizona-4, the latest update of its widely used speech assessment. Building on the well-established Arizona-3 Articulation Proficiency Scale, the Arizona-4 offers new features that enhance the test’s effectiveness and reduce the time spent by speech–language clinicians when evaluating children and adults for impairment in articulation and phonology.

New Sentence Articulation and Phonology standardized tests have been added to the core Word Articulation test, expanding coverage and giving clinicians more of the data they need to make informed speech sound treatment decisions. The Arizona-4 measures speech intelligibility, articulatory impairment, and phonological impairment in one quick and easy assessment.

The Arizona-4 also features updated norms and refined measurement properties that improve the test’s effectiveness in identifying individuals who are in need of speech sound therapy services. In addition, expanded supplemental tasks facilitate deeper interpretation of the scores and help clinicians develop treatment plans that are targeted to the individual’s needs.

For the first time, digital stimulus images are available as an electronic administration option to the print test easel. The Arizona-4 includes free online scoring on WPS’s Online Evaluation System, which automatically generates the assessment report and lets clinicians securely keep a record of their administrations and share helpful information with parents, teachers, and others involved in treatment.

“This test fills a really big need in the world of speech assessments,” said Ashley Springer, speech–language pathologist at Pediatric Therapy Network, about the Arizona-4. “So easy to administer and score! I’ll never look at other tests of articulation and phonology in the same way again.”

The release of the Arizona-4 comes on the heels of WPS’s 2016 launch of the Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language, Second Edition (CASL®-2) and the Oral Passage Understanding Scale (OPUS™), and expands the breadth of speech and language products available to clinicians.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to expand upon an already great product and help clinicians better serve their patients,” said WPS CEO and President Jeff Manson. “We believe the Arizona-4 does just that. We’re continually committed to the quality of our assessments and to our customers’ experience in using those assessments.”

The Arizona-4 will be released on September 15, 2017; presale orders are now available.

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