New #BlankCzech Shows How to Invest For Good in Czech Republic

#BlankCzech is a unique outreach campaign designed to promote the power of Czech social impact beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. The campaign will engage English-language audiences around the world to raise awareness, increase support, and grow opportunity for Czech social enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and charities.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - 11/08/2017 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — During 23-30 November 2017, #BlankCzech ( will promote the power of Czech social impact. The first-time campaign will reach beyond the borders of the Czech Republic to raise awareness, increase support, and grow opportunity for Czech social enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and charities.

#BlankCzech represents a unique collaboration of eight (8) Czech non-profit / non-governmental entities: Czechitas, Nadání a dovednosti ("Talents and Skills"), SKP HOPO, Slovo 21 ("Word 21"), Spiralis, Sue Ryder, Šafrán detem ("Saffron for Children"), and Tichý svét ("Silent World).

#BlankCzech was conceived and developed at Studio Alfred Kašpar (, which draws upon 11 years of marketing experience, design expertise, and media production knowledge to provide comprehensive advertising services to clients throughout the Czech Republic. The #BlankCzech team consists of Andrea Bubníková (project management and social media marketing); Tomáš Dvorák (concept design); Anna Havlová (social media community support); and Radek Jína (web and graphic designer).

"All around the world, Czechs are making positive social change every day. #BlankCzech provides an exciting opportunity for individuals, families, friends, neighbors and colleagues around the world to invest in great purpose-driven Czech organizations committed to social good," says Andrea Bubníková. "Our heritage of innovation, our culture of community engagement, and our traditions of charity and philanthropy extends across sectors and geographic boundaries."

As a unique English-language collaboration among Czech social purpose organizations, #BlankCzech reflects a diverse range of intiatives in the Czech Republic focused on children's advocacy, civil society, family support, homelessness, human rights, senior care, social inclusion, technology training, vocational education, women's leadership, workforce development, and youth empowerment.

The #BlankCzech campaign enables potential donors outside the Czech Republic to:

  • Visit the #BlankCzech website to learn about each participating Czech organization
  • Donate directly to #BlankCzech organizations through online giving tools
  • Share stories of Czech social impact on Twitter (@WeAreBlankCzech), Facebook (, and across social media using the #BlankCzech hashtag.

#BlankCzech will also build upon Giving Tuesday CZ, to be held across the Czech Republic on 28 November 2017. Giving Tuesday occurs annually around the world following Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping activities. During the end-of-year holiday season, Giving Tuesday provides an opportunity to nurture volunteering, philanthropy, and collaboration throughout the year. In 2017, Giving Tuesday CZ will celebrate its second annual day of giving among charities, volunteers, and donors working together for stronger communities in the Czech Republic.

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