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This little book explains healthcare services, home health, rehabilitation, hospice, end of life needs and grief to assist in the awareness in the complex world of healthcare regarding your loved one(s). Designed to help anyone make the informed, educat

ARIZONA - 05/23/2016 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — Author Barbara Ball has worked in healthcare for the past several years and found that the biggest gap is in the education in the community pertaining to explaining healthcare in easy terms and resources available for everyone, from the patient to family, friends and even those who work in the field of healthcare.   “People need to know in easy to understand verbiage what is happening and what their available resources are so they can make an informed decision regarding their loved one(s).”    The issue today is that we are such a specialized society, especially in the field of healthcare that there isn’t enough time to research all the information needed to provide to a patient and their families during a time of crisis.   The book is entitled “My Aging Parents” and is written for anyone who needs to understand the world of healthcare to make a better and informed decision regarding their loved one(s).

Barbara not only draws from her professional experience in the world of healthcare, and more specifically hospice, but also due to personal loss of each of her own family members over the years.   Most recently she lost her last sibling and explains that it was partially this experience of explaining to her own extended family members the correct information and education for her brother that gave her the conviction to write and author this book as a community resource. This book gives a specific set of education and information that simplifies the terminology and events that take place in the care of aging parents or loved ones.  


 “This is an excellent book that helped me understand the terms and language used by doctors and nurses and offers such amazing resources for further assistance.   It’s an amazing book!”

                                                                                    M. Sue Wilkins, Caregiver, Tulsa, OK

“My company asked Barbara for something like this and she came through.   After reading it from cover to cover I found it so helpful and it gave me such clarity, and I work in healthcare.   It’s a must read for everyone!”                                                                            

            Liz Rodriguez, STI Rehab, Phoenix, AZ

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