Power Drop Receives Great Review on Business Insider Weekly

The emergency phone charger machine gets ranked as the #2 best vending concept

CORONA, CA - 08/03/2017 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — Power Drop, a state of the art vending machine that sells single-use, recyclable, phone chargers have been ranked as a top concept in the Business Insider Weekly list of emerging vending machines.  Business Insider Weekly reviewed hundreds of the worlds newest automated retailing machines including a hangover shot machine and a cotton candy machine.  The Power Drop was considered the second pick because of its ease of use and ability to sell anywhere.  

Power Drop machines are popping up throughout most of North America and their growth stage is only getting crazier.  Within the past two weeks, they reached new deals with partners in San Francisco & Charlotte.  Their release of the industry leading 1200 milliamp charger is only making these machines sell more.  This new charger packs a charge that gets a user an extra 5 hours of charge on average.  It also has a state of the art on/off switch to mitigate against battery depletion.  Lastly, Power Drop will be unveiling their new design this month.  It will be a more graphic feel rather than bold text. “We want user to see exactly what the machine sells, no gray area”, said Joe Menichiello, Managing Director of Power Drop. 

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