Sexual Health Innovations Announces Callisto Code is Open Source

Code to Sexual Assault Reporting System Available to Developers Worldwide

NEW YORK, NY - 05/27/2016 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — Sexual Health Innovations (SHI) announced Thursday that they have made the code base for Callisto, the nonprofit’s college sexual assault reporting system, open source.

Callisto is an online college sexual assault reporting system designed to (a) create a more empowering reporting experience for survivors, (b) provide authorities with better evidence and data on sexual assault, and (c) facilitate the identification of repeat assailants.

Callisto’s matching system, which enables survivors to only report their assault if another student reports the same perpetrator, is based on the concept of information escrows as proposed by Yale Law Professor Ian Ayres. Information escrows enable individuals to transmit information to a trusted intermediary (an escrow agent), who only forwards information under pre-specified conditions.

“Since Callisto’s launch we have seen increased interest in the use of information escrows for the reporting of misconduct or crimes from a variety of communities,” said Jessica Ladd, SHI’s Founder & CEO. “By making Callisto open-source we hope to give developers and other organizations around the world the opportunity to create their own information escrows from Callisto’s code-base.”

Other potential applications of reporting information escrows include: reporting incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace, corporate and public whistleblowing, or other wrongdoings or crimes where there is a “first mover disadvantage” to reporting.  

“We are excited to have the opportunity to have engineers voluntarily contribute to the Callisto codebase,” said SHI’s CTO Kelsey Gilmore-Innis. “Callisto was made possible by the dedication of volunteers of all kinds. We are thrilled to be at the stage where engineers are able to contribute meaningfully to Callisto.”

The Callisto code is now available via Github.

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