Sumner College Students Get Jobs

Sumner College in Portland, Oregon is pleased to announce the 2016 Job Placement Rates for graduating students.

Associate Degree in Nursing ­– 95% Job Placement

Practical Nursing – 93% Job Placement

(Job Placement data includes all graduated of the program 7/01/2015 – 6/30/2016)

PORTLAND, OR - 04/10/2017 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — The President of Sumner College, Joanna Russell, stated that “Our retention rates and job placement rates are the strongest we have seen since launching our Practical Nursing program in 2009. We have over 100 clinical affiliation agreements at this time, and we work hard to find the right fit for each individual student.”  

Sumner College has been providing career focused education in the Portland area for the past 43 years, and has graduated over 600 nursing students since 2010. Sumner College offers the only Associate Degree program in Oregon and Washington that does not require prerequisite coursework. Sumner is privately owned college with two campuses in the Portland area

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