The Biggest Cyber Bully Case Ever Filed Aims At Google

Proving that no bully is too big to fail, a group of Plaintiffs are calling Google on the carpet

SAN FRANCISCO - 05/02/2016 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — The biggest company in the world has been accused of the biggest abuses of the public in the world. Help us teach Google a lesson!

The EU, Russia, China, global public interest groups, journalists worldwide, anti-trust/anti-monopoly agencies and millions of additional citizens per day have spoken out against Google/Alphabet’s privacy abuse, search engine rigging, defamation attacks, dirty tricks campaigns, and technology thefts. Even the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said that Google is guilty of causing “real harm to consumers and to innovation..” The Season 6 TV series: HOUSE OF CARDS demonstrates the illicit tactics that Google deploys to attack others.

We have filed and won some of the biggest anti-corruption lawsuits in modern times. In the course of those previous lawsuits, government investigators revealed to us that Google was behind part of the dirty deeds that we, and the public, mutually suffered.

Now we have the proof, the motivation and the experience and we need your help to take this battle to a public jury trial. Please make a donation today. The lawyers and court costs are high but we will not stop until we get justice.

An increasing number of members of the public have now won their lawsuits against Google. A victory in this matter is a victory for all.

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This is a non-profit JOBS ACT compliant non-stock offering, non-501C3 request for public support in a public interest litigation action. This case operates in cooperation with U.S., E.U. and other law enforcement authorities and public rights groups.

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