Where Does It Go?

Easy Newswire has over 800,000 journalists and editors across the globe in our newswire. We have included many of the media outlets that your press release will get syndicated to based on the plan you select.

Our Premium PRO Plan goes out to all of the media outlets below in addition to reaching the Associated Press, EIN Newsdesk and targeted media outlets from our database of over 850,000 media contacts. Please click here to see sample reports from the Premium PRO Plan's extended target reach.

Premium News Networks

Premium PRO Premium
Name Network Website Type Location
WDRB FOX www.wdrb.com Television Louisville, KY
WTHR NBC www.wthr.com Television Indianapolis, IN
WHDH NBC www.whdh.com Television Boston, MA
KOTV CBS www.newson6.com Television Tulsa, OK
wwbt NBC www.nbc12.com Television Richmond, VA
KHNL NBC/CBS www.hawaiinewsnow.com Television Honolulu, HI
KPTV FOX www.kptv.com Television Long Island City, NY
KTVK CBS www.azfamily.com Television Phoenix, AZ
WFSB CBS www.wfsb.com Television Long Island City, NY
KMOV NBC www.kmov.com Television St. Louis, MO
WSMV NBC www.wsmv.com Television Long Island City, NY
KFMB CBS www.cbs8.com Television San Diego, CA
WCAX CBS www.wcax.com Television South Burlington, VT
WISTV NBC www.wistv.com Television Columbia , SC
wbtv CBS www.wbtv.com Television Charlotte, NC
KWTV CBS www.news9.com Television Oklahoma City, OK
KCTV CBS www.kctv5.com Television Long Island City, NY
WAVE NBC www.WAVE3.com Television Louisville, KY
WSFA NBC www.WSFA.com Television Montgomery, AL
WMCTV NBC www.wmcactionnews5.com Television Memphis, TN
WBBH NBC www.nbc-2.com Television Fort Meyers, FL
WXIX FOX www.fox19.com Television Cincinnati, OH
WLEX NBC www.lex18.com Television Lexington, KY
KVVU FOX www.fox5vegas.com Television Long Island City, NY
WAFF NBC www.WAFF.com Television Huntsville, AL
WRCB NBC www.wrcbtv.com Television Chattanooga, TN
KPHO CBS www.cbs5az.com Television Long Island City, NY
KOLD CBS www.TucsonNewsNow.com Television Tucson, AZ
kwwl NBC www.kwwl.com Television Waterloo, IA
WHNS FOX www.foxcarolina.com Television Long Island City, NY
WFIE NBC www.14news.com Television Evansville, IN
WBRC FOX www.wbrc.com Television New York, NY
WSVN FOX www.wsvn.com Television Boston, MA
WALB NBC www.walb.com Television Albany, GA
wcsc CBS www.live5news.com Television Charleston, SC
WAFB CBS www.WAFB.com Television Baton Rouge , LA
WTOL CBS www.wtol.com Television Toledo, OH
KHQ NBC www.khq.com Television Yakima, WA
WNEM NBC www.wnem.com Television Long Island City, NY
WVIR NBC www.nbc29.com Television Charlottesville, VA
WECT NBC www.wect.com Television Wilmington, NC
KATC ABC www.katc.com Television Layfayette, LA
WKOW ABC www.wkow.com Television New York, NY
kltv ABC www.Kltv.com Television Tyler, TX
WOIO CBS www.cleveland19.com Television Cleveland, OH
WGCL CBS www.cbs46.com Television Long Island City, NY
WWTV CBS www.9and10news.com Television Long Island City, NY
WLOX ABC www.WLOX.com Television Biloxi, MS
WBOC CBS www.wboc.com Television Salisbury, MD
KBMT ABC www.12newsnow.com Television New York, NY
KSBY NBC www.ksby.com Television San Louis Obispo, CA
KFVS12 CBS www.kfvs12.com Television Cape Girardeau, MO
KTBS ABC www.ktbs.com Television Long Island City, NY
KSLA CBS www.ksla.com Television Shreveport, LA
WVUE FOX www.fox8live.com Television New Orleans, LA
WTOC CBS www.wtoc.com Television Savannah, GA
wlbt NBC www.msnewsnow.com Television Jackson, MS
KFDA CBS www.newschannel10.com Television Amarillo, TX
KCEN NBC www.kcentv.com Television Waco, TX
KTVQ CBS www.ktvq.com Television Billings, MT
KTVN CBS www.ktvn.com Television Reno, NV
WAOW NBC www.waow.com Television New York, NY
wtvm ABC www.wtvm.com Television Columbus, GA
KTTC NBC www.kttc.com Television New York, NY
wdam NBC www.wdam.com Television Hattiesburg, MS
WMBF NBC www.wmbfnews.com Television New York, NY
kplc NBC www.kplctv.com Television Lake Charles , LA
KITV ABC www.kitv.com Television Honolulu, HI
kait ABC www.kait8.com Television Jonesboro , AR
WSHM CBS www.westernmassnews.com Television Long Island City, NY
KUSI Independent www.kusi.com Television San Diego, CA
KOAA NBC www.koaa.com Television Colorado Springs, CO
WDJT CBS www.cbs58.com Television Long Island City, NY
KRGV CW www.krgv.com Television Weslaco, TX
KVOA NBC www.kvoa.com Television Tucson, AZ
WALA FOX www.fox10tv.com Television Mobile, AL
KTIV NBC www.ktiv.com Television New York, NY
WREX NBC www.wrex.com Television New York, NY
WPSD NBC www.wpsdlocal6.com Television Long Island City, NY
KRTV CBS www.krtv.com Television Black Eagle, MT
WFMJ NBC www.wfmj.com Television Youngstown, OH
KYTX CBS www.cbs19.tv Television Tyler, TX
KCBD NBC www.kcbd.com Television Lubbock, TX
WLNE ABC ww.abc6.com Television Providence, RI
WGEM NBC www.wgem.com Television New York, NY
KRIS NBC www.kristv.com Television Corpus Christi, TX
KNDU NBC www.nbcrightnow.com Television Yakima, WA
KEYC CBS/FOX www.keyc.com Television Mankato, MN
KXNET CBS www.kxnet.com Television Minot, ND
KWES NBC www.newswest9.com Television Midland, TX
WQOW ABC www.wqow.com Television New York, NY
WVVA NBC www.wvva.com Television New York, NY
WICU NBC www.erienewsnow.com Television Erie, PA
KPAX CBS www.kpax.com Television Missoula, MT
WXOW ABC www.wxow.com Television New York, NY
KTRE ABC www.Ktre.com Television Lufkin, TX
WAND NBC www.wandtv.com Television Indianapolis, IN
KXXV ABC www.kxxv.com Television Waco, TX
WZVN ABC www.abc-7.com Television New York, NY
WSJV FOX www.fox28.com Television New York, NY
KSWO ABC www.kswo.com Television Lawton, OK
KIII ABC www.kiiitv.com Television New York, NY
KOAM CBS www.koamtv.com Television Pittsburg, KS
KBAKWN CBS/FOX wn.bakersfieldnow.com Television New York, NY
klkn ABC www.klkntv.com Television Lincoln , NE
WFXG FOX www.wfxg.com Television Augusta, GA
WSIL ABC www.wsiltv.com Television Carterville, IL
KUAM CBS/NBC www.kuam.com Television New York, NY
KHGI/NTV ABC www.nebraska.tv Television Lincoln, NE
WBND ABC www.abc57.com Television Long Island City, NY
KULR NBC www.kulr8.com Television Long Island City, NY
KBZK CBS www.kbzk.com Television Bozeman, MT
KTEN NBC www.kten.com Television Denison, TX
WLIO NBC www.hometownstations.com Television New York, NY
KXLH CBS www.kxlh.com Television Helena, MT
KFVE MNT www.k5thehometeam.com Television Honolulu, HI
wflx FOX www.wflx.com Television West Palm Beach, FL
WTXL ABC video.wtxl.com Television Midway, FL
KFJX FOX www.fox14tv.com Television Pittsburg, KS
KXLF CBS www.kxlf.com Television Butte, MT
KAUZ CBS/CW www.newschannel6now.com Television Wichita Falls, TX
KZTV CBS www.kztv10.com Television Corpus Christi, TX
WVSTATE Newspaper www.statejournal.com Newspaper Long Island City, NY
KIDY FOX www.myfoxzone.com Television Long Island City, NY
WOWK CBS www.tristateupdate.com Television Huntington, WV
WVILL CBS www.wvillustrated.com Television Long Island City, NY
WSFX FOX www.foxwilmington.com Television Wilmington, NC
WLTZ NBC www.wltz.com Television Columbus, GA
KTMF ABC www.abcfoxmontana.com Television Long Island City, NY
KFBB ABC www.kfbb.com Television Long Island City, NY
WTRF CBS www.yourohiovalley.com Television Wheeling, WV
WBOY NBC www.wvalways.com Television Clarksburg, WV
KNBN NBC www.newscenter1.tv Television Rapid City, SD
KRHD ABC www.abc40.com Television Waco, TX
WVNS CBS www.wearewvproud.com Television Lewisburg, WV
WXTX FOX www.wxtx.com Television Columbus, GA
WNKY CBS/NBC www.wnky.com Television Long Island City, NY
KXLT FOX www.myfox47.com Television New York, NY
KXVO CW www.cw15kxvo.com Television Omaha, NE
WUPV CW www.cwrichmond.tv Television Richmond, VA
WBOC - DT2 FOX www.fox21delmarva.com Television Delmarva, MD
KTVG FOX www.foxnebraska.com Television New York, NY
WLWC CW www.thecwprov.com Television Long Island City, NY
WLTZCW CW www.cw-gabama.com Television Columbus, GA
KVHP FOX www.watchfox29.com Television Lake Charles, LA
WTLH FOX www.myfoxtallahassee.com Television Tallahassee, FL
KTLE Telemundo www.sutelemundo20.com Television Long Island City, NY
KEYU Univision www.telemundoamarillo.com Television Long Island City, NY
WUPW FOX ww2.foxtoledo.com Television Toledo, OH
WBCB CW www.valleyscw.com Television Youngstown, OH

Major Newspaper Sites

Premium PRO Premium Standard
Name Website Type
Digital Journal www.digitaljournal.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Boston.com www.boston.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
International Business Times www.ibtimes.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
WND www.wnd.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
AZ Central www.azcentral.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Review Journal www.reviewjournal.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Salt Lake Tribune www.sltrib.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette www.post-gazette.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
JS Online www.jsonline.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
News OK www.newsok.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Wall Street Oasis www.wallstreetoasis.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Marketplace www.marketplace.org Newspaper & Major News Sites
CRN www.crn.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Daily Herald www.dailyherald.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Buffalo News www.buffalonews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
PE.com www.pe.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Minyanville www.minyanville.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Travel Weekly www.travelweekly.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Virtual Strategy www.virtual-strategy.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Ask.com www.ask.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Money Show www.moneyshow.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Industry Week www.industryweek.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Silicon Investor www.siliconinvestor.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Local SYR www.localsyr.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Economy Watch www.economywatch.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Housing Wire www.housingwire.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
4 Utah www.4utah.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Arkansas Matters www.arkansasmatters.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
My Mother Lode www.mymotherlode.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Ozarks First www.ozarksfirst.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
My Twin Tiers www.mytwintiers.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Digital Media Wire www.dmwmedia.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
CEO World Magazine www.ceoworld.biz Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Network Journal www.tnj.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
We Are Green Bay www.wearegreenbay.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Your Erie www.yourerie.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Kern Golden Empire www.kerngoldenempire.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Blouin News www.blouinnews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Pennsylvania Homepage www.pahomepage.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Tristate Homepage www.tristatehomepage.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Texomas Homepage www.texomashomepage.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Big Country Homepage www.bigcountryhomepage.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Traders Magazine www.tradersmagazine.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Your Central Valley www.yourcentralvalley.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Lutherans Online www.lutheransonline.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
ArkLaTex Homepage www.arklatexhomepage.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Illinois Homepage www.illinoishomepage.net Newspaper & Major News Sites
Four States Homepage www.fourstateshomepage.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Wall Street www.wall-street.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Paw Tucket Times www.pawtuckettimes.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Woon Socket Call www.woonsocketcall.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Starkville Daily News www.starvilledailynews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Binghamton Homepage www.binghamtomhomepage.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Las Vegas Business Press www.businesspress.vegas Newspaper & Major News Sites
Big Spring Herald www.bigspringherald.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Pilot News www.thepilotnews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Concho Valley Homepage www.conchovalleyhomepage.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Newport Daily Express www.newportvermontdailyexpress.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Morning News www.am-news.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Punxsutawney Spirit www.punxsutawneyspirit.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Wapakoneta Daily News www.wapakdailynews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Saline Courier www.bentoncourrier.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
SM Daily Press www.smdailypress.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Mammoth Times www.mammothtimes.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Decatur Daily Democrat www.decaturdailydemocrat.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Inform NNY www.informnny.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
UP Matters www.upmatters.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Inyo Register www.inyoregister.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Evening Leader www.theeveningleader.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Kane Republican www.kanerepublican.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
SRI Central www.ricentral.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Observer News Online www.observernewsonline.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Malvern Daily Record www.malvern-online.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Sweetwater Reporter www.sweetwaterreporter.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Statesman Examiner www.statesmanexaminer.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Post and Mail www.thepostandmail.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Times Record www.times-online.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Daily Times Leader www.dailytimesleader.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Ridgway Record www.ridgwayrecord.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Guymon Daily Herald www.guymondailyherald.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Poteau Daily News www.poteaudailynews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Your Jax www.yourjax.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Antler's American www.theantlersamerican.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
World Net Daily www.worldnetdaily.co.uk Newspaper & Major News Sites
Minister Community Post www.ministercommunitypost.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Global Tribune www.theglobaltribune.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The First Dispatch www.thefirstdispatch.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
North American Report www.northamericanreport.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The News Universe www.thenewsuniverse.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Pristine Report www.pristinereport.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Atlantic Report www.theatlanticreport.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Conversation Point www.conversationpoint.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Dawn Reporter www.dawnreporter.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Mountain Herald www.themountainherald.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The News Fire www.thenewsfire.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The News Bee www.thenewsbee.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Crimson Report www.thecrimsonreport.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Northern Express www.thenorthernexpress.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Sunrise Peak www.thesunrisepeak.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Down South News www.downsouthnews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
All State Journal www.allstatejournal.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Trinity Digest www.trinitydigest.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Original View Point www.originalviewpoint.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Glamand Fashion News www.glamandfashionnews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Universal News Point www.universalnewspoint.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Harbinger Times www.harbingertimes.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Morning Lead www.themorninglead.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Tech News Point www.technewspoint.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Early Morning Hearld www.earlymorninghearld.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Morning Release www.morningrelease.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Coastal News Now www.coastalnewsnow.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Unspoiled News www.unspoilednews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The News Bird www.thenewsbird.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
An Eye For News www.aneyefornews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Editor Spride www.editorspride.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
News Light House www.newslighthouse.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Day Time Report www.daytimereport.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Rainbow Newsline www.rainbownewsline.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Alpha Reporter www.thealphareporter.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Discover Newsline www.discoverewsline.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Sunshine Reporter www.thesunshinereporter.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
News Hawk Online www.newshawkonline.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Daily Broadcaster www.dailybroadcaster.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
4th Pillar News www.fourthpillarnews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Global Technology Report www.globaltechnologyreport.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Innocent Information www.innocentinformation.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
News Crusader www.newscrusader.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Day Time Report www.daytimereport.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
Hope Tribune www.hopetribune.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
The Western Tribune www.thewesterntribune.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
East Coast Sentinel www.eastcoastsentinel.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
News Headlines Now www.newsheadlinesnow.com Newspaper & Major News Sites
E & T News www.eandtnews.com Newspaper & Major News Sites

Industry News Sites

Premium PRO Premium Standard
Name Website Type
Renewable Energy World www.renewableenergyworld.com Industry News Sites
Restaurant News www.nrn.com Industry News Sites
Bio Space www.biospace.com Industry News Sites
Woo Eb News www.wooeb.com Industry News Sites
RCL www.rcl.clevertech.biz Industry News Sites
RCR News www.rcrnews.com Industry News Sites
Trans World News www.transworldnews.com Industry News Sites
HPC Wire www.hpcwire.com Industry News Sites
Industrial Info Financials www.industrialinfo.com Industry News Sites
Wed Bush www.wedbush.com Industry News Sites
Stock Nod www.stocknod.com Industry News Sites
Smart Stocks www.smartstocks.com Industry News Sites
Fat Pitch Financials www.fatpitchfinancials.com Industry News Sites
Wall Street Select www.wallstreetselect.com Industry News Sites
Value Investing News www.valueinvestingnews.com Industry News Sites
Securities Technology Monitor www.securitiesindustry.com Industry News Sites
Research Driven Investing www.rdinvesting.com Industry News Sites
Wall Street Analyst www.wallstanalyst.com Industry News Sites
Stock Market www.stockmarket.com Industry News Sites
The North Shore Private Companies www.nsprivate.com Industry News Sites
Daily Penny Alerts www.dailypennyalerts.com Industry News Sites
Best Business Newspaper www.bestbusinessnewspaper.com Industry News Sites
News About Banking Industry www.newsaboutbankingindustry.com Industry News Sites
US Share Markets www.ussharemarkets.com Industry News Sites
Breaking News Financial www.breakingnewsfinancial.com Industry News Sites
Live News Stock Market www.livenewsstockmarket.com Industry News Sites
Share Market News Live www.sharemarketnewslive.com Industry News Sites
Share Prices News www.sharepricesnews.com Industry News Sites
Market News Lates www.marketnewslatest.com Industry News Sites
Latest News Finance www.latestnewsfinance.com Industry News Sites
Latest Share News www.latestsharenews.com Industry News Sites
US Market News Latest www.usmarketnewslatest.com Industry News Sites
World Share Market Live www.worldsharemarketlive.com Industry News Sites
Share Market Newspaper www.sharemarketnewspaper.com Industry News Sites
Online Share Market News www.onlinesharemarketnews.com Industry News Sites
Latest US Financial News www.latestusfinancialnews.com Industry News Sites
US Financial News Today www.usfinancialnewstoday.com Industry News Sites

Financial Feeds

Premium PRO Premium Standard
Name Website Type
Star Tribune www.startribune.com Financial Feeds
MercuryNews.com www.mercurynews.com Financial Feeds
WRAL.com www.wral.com Financial Feeds
The Denver Post www.denverpost.com Financial Feeds
TownhallFinance.com www.finance.townhall.com Financial Feeds
Miami Herald www.miamiherald.com Financial Feeds
The San Diego Union-Tribune www.sandiegouniontribune.com Financial Feeds
The Kansas City Star www.kansascity.com Financial Feeds
The Sacramento Bee www.sacbee.com Financial Feeds
InvestorPlace www.investorplace.com Financial Feeds
The Charlotte Observer www.charlotteobserver.com Financial Feeds
The News & Observer www.newsobserver.com Financial Feeds
el Nuevo Herald www.elnuevoherald.com Financial Feeds
Market Intelligence Center www.marketintelligencecenter.com Financial Feeds
Alaska Dispatch News www.adn.com Financial Feeds
Star-Telegram www.star-telegram.com Financial Feeds
The State www.thestate.com Financial Feeds
Kentucky.com www.kentucky.com Financial Feeds
The Wichita Eagle www.kansas.com Financial Feeds
StreetInsider.com www.streetinsider.com Financial Feeds
The News Tribune www.thenewstribune.com Financial Feeds
Electric Light & Power www.elp.com Financial Feeds
Oil & Gas Journal www.ogj.com Financial Feeds
Los Angeles Daily News www.dailynews.com Financial Feeds
telegram.com www.telegram.com Financial Feeds
Idaho Statesman www.idahostatesman.com Financial Feeds
Contra Costa Times www.contracostatimes.com Financial Feeds
Bradenton Herald www.bradenton.com Financial Feeds
KUTV www.kutv.com Financial Feeds
The Telegraph www.macon.com Financial Feeds
The Tribune www.sanluisobispo.com Financial Feeds
InsideBayArea.com www.insidebayarea.com Financial Feeds
HeraldNet www.heraldnet.com Financial Feeds
The Bellingham Herald www.bellinghamherald.com Financial Feeds
Daily Breeze www.dailybreeze.com Financial Feeds
Santa Cruz Sentinel www.santacruzsentinel.com Financial Feeds
SunHerald www.sunherald.com Financial Feeds
The State Journal-Register www.sj-r.com Financial Feeds
The Island Packet www.islandpacket.com Financial Feeds
MyrtleBeachOnline www.myrtlebeachonline.com Financial Feeds
El Paso Times www.elpasotimes.com Financial Feeds
Belleville News-Democrat www.bnd.com Financial Feeds
Centre Daily Times www.centredaily.com Financial Feeds
The Modesto Bee www.modbee.com Financial Feeds
The Olympian www.theolympian.com Financial Feeds
Concord Monitor www.concordmonitor.com Financial Feeds
Ledger-Enquirer www.ledger-enquirer.com Financial Feeds
Press-Telegram www.presstelegram.com Financial Feeds
Pasadena Star-News www.pasadenastarnews.com Financial Feeds
SearchBug www.searchbug.com Financial Feeds
San Gabriel Valley Tribune www.sgvtribune.com Financial Feeds
Business Insurance www.businessinsurance.com Financial Feeds
San Bernardino Sun www.sbsun.com Financial Feeds
SiliconValley.com www.siliconvalley.com Financial Feeds
Rockford Register Star www.rrstar.com Financial Feeds
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin www.dailybulletin.com Financial Feeds
Las Cruces Sun-News www.lcsun-news.com Financial Feeds
Cabling Installation and Maintenance www.cablinginstall.com Financial Feeds
Dental Economics www.dentaleconomics.com Financial Feeds
Global Valores globalvalores.globalbank.com.pa Financial Feeds
Laser Focus World www.laserfocusworld.com Financial Feeds
Redlands Daily Facts www.redlandsdailyfacts.com Financial Feeds
TheDailyTimes.com www.thedailytimes.com Financial Feeds
Whittier Daily News www.whittierdailynews.com Financial Feeds
HydroWorld.com www.hydroworld.com Financial Feeds
Great American Financial Resources, Inc. www.greatamericaninsurancegroup.com Financial Feeds
Oakridger www.oakridger.com Financial Feeds
Alamogordo Daily News www.alamogordonews.com Financial Feeds
Alerus Financial www.alerus.com Financial Feeds
Carlsbad Current-Argus www.currentargus.com Financial Feeds
Ruidoso News www.ruidosonews.com Financial Feeds
BioOptics World www.bioopticsworld.com Financial Feeds
The deming headlight www.demingheadlight.com Financial Feeds
740 KVOR www.kvor.com Financial Feeds
KDOW and Salem Media www.kdow.biz Financial Feeds
InvestTalk Market Ticker markets.financialcontent.com/investtalk Financial Feeds
Intelligent Value www.intelligentvalue.com Financial Feeds
Franklin Credit https://www.franklincredit.com Financial Feeds
Rockwell Global Capital LLC www.rockwellglobal.com Financial Feeds
BP TRADE www.bptrade.com Financial Feeds

Regional and Local News

Premium PRO Premium Standard
Name Website Type
Alaska News Desk www.alaskanewsdesk.com Regional & Local News Sites
Harrisburg News Now www.harrisburgnewsnow.com Regional & Local News Sites
Atlanta News Online www.atlantanews-online.com Regional & Local News Sites
Annapolis News Updates www.annapolisnewsupdates.com Regional & Local News Sites
Albany News Now www.albanynewsnow.com Regional & Local News Sites
Columbus News Online www.columbusnewsonline.com Regional & Local News Sites
Austin www.austin-online.com Regional & Local News Sites
Arizona News Online www.arizonanews-online.com Regional & Local News Sites
Desmoines News Desk www.desmoinesnewsdesk.com Regional & Local News Sites
Atlanta Chronicle www.atlanta-chronicle.com Regional & Local News Sites
Batonrouge News Reporter www.batonrougenewsreporter.com Regional & Local News Sites
Concord News Now www.concordnewsnow.com Regional & Local News Sites
Richmond News Now www.richmondnewsnow.com Regional & Local News Sites
Honolulu News Now www.honolulunewsnow.com Regional & Local News Sites
Arkansas Journal www.arkansas-journal.com Regional & Local News Sites
Cheyenne Journal www.cheyennejournal.com Regional & Local News Sites
Connecticut Chronicle www.connecticutchronicle.com Regional & Local News Sites
Minnesota Headlines www.minnesotaheadlines.com Regional & Local News Sites
Carsoncity Headlines www.carsoncityheadlines.com Regional & Local News Sites
Jeffersoncity Headlines www.jeffersoncityheadlines.com Regional & Local News Sites
Helena News Headlines www.helenanewsheadlines.com Regional & Local News Sites
Montpelier Journal www.montpelierjournal.com Regional & Local News Sites
Maryland News Desk www.marylandnewsdesk.com Regional & Local News Sites
Delaware News Reporter www.delawarenewsreporter.com Regional & Local News Sites
Massachusetts Chronicle www.massachusettschronicle.com Regional & Local News Sites
Boise News Now www.boisenewsnow.com Regional & Local News Sites
Denver News Updates www.denvernewsupdates.com Regional & Local News Sites
Newhampshire Newsonline www.newhampshirenewsonline.com Regional & Local News Sites
Augusta Headlines www.augustaheadlines.com Regional & Local News Sites
California News Reporter www.californianewsreporter.com Regional & Local News Sites
Nashville News Updates www.nashvillenewsupdates.com Regional & Local News Sites
Bismarck News Updates www.bismarcknewsupdates.com Regional & Local News Sites
Boston News Desk www.bostonnewsdesk.com Regional & Local News Sites
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